Hey!! I was just thinking of you guys and had taken a look at your website to see your puppies! Ever since I got hemi I always look from time to time cause your puppies are just so adorable! Just a little update on how we are doing hemi is a year old now and I love her to absolute pieces!!! She is a love bug! I am so glad that I was able to get such an amazing dog from you guys!! I just wanted to send you a picture so you can see how much she has grown! She loves going out in the woods shed hunting! She has even found some!! She is a smart little thing !! It took her a little bit to get used to swimming but once she figured it out I had a hard time keeping her out of the water! We went to the lake almost every day this summer I think haha she just loves it!! I hope all is well with you guys!

Take care!
Cecily Reichert
Savannah- Hello and I hope this finds you and your family well. We are absolutely in love with our Harbor (formerly Atlanta). She was fixed a few weeks ago and is doing well. Her personality is awesome and she is being loved up a ton! Thank you for such a great additional family member!

Hi shawn and savannah blue is doing just fine. He is now sound asleep. He is just a beautiful
Puppy. You are doing such a great job with these puppy families and not to mention
Bringing joy to many a family. I know we are one of these families. Good thoughts for
You both and your daughter.
Alda and Yuji proud new parents of Blue. Yes Blue we are keeping his given name.
Alda &Yuji

Savannah, Kisses arrived safe and sound. We are absolutely in love with her. Thank you so much! McGrath family

Savannah, Kisses arrived safe and sound. We are absolutely in love with her. Thank you so much! McGrath family

just wanted to let you know how well Franklin is adjusting. Our lab Buddy is loving all the play time. He is such a smart dog and house trained in just a couple of days. We just love him.
Douglas and Vicki

Did very well slept thru the night. Doing good with the other 2 dogs. He is a sweetie. Calm yet very playful and clumsy! Lol. Great match for us. Love at first sight. Thanks Mimi

Hey savannah it's addison's mom, Melissa Blake.  Addison is awesome, she is spoiled and loved, she has graduated from basic obedience training although she still loves to 'counter surf' and she enjoys daycare while we are at work! We are so happy we chose her!

Reporting in after a week we have had a very time and she is adjusting nicely
Even going for walks on leash
Playing in back yard with older dog and today my sons dog
We have been for a boat ride
She is a nicely socialized dog
Thank you again Rick & Jodi